TFS costs less money than a money order or certified check, and takes less time than standing in line waiting to send a physical payment every month. Online fees range from $0.99 to $7.99, and you can find a full breakdown of our pricing here.

Payments scheduled through the TFS website are processed through your bank account, and the fee is calculated by the amount of the individual payment.

TFS fees apply to all transactions, regardless of the way they are scheduled. During the enrollment process, TFS notes that “If you have opted to make manual payments, no payment will be initiated until you click “Make a Manual Payment” on the dashboard after enrolling. TFS fees will applied when manual payments are initiated.” This is because no payment amount was entered during the enrollment process, and is not calculated until your manual payment is scheduled.

TFS payments made at a MoneyGram location cost a flat fee of $8.99.