MoneyGram payments through TFS are the most effective and fastest way to make your Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments. With a TFS MoneyGram card, you can walk into one of over 39,000 thousand MoneyGram locations across the country, inside stores like Walmart, CVS, and more, to make your Chapter 13 payment.

You can generate a MoneyGram card in one of two ways.

  1. Call our hotline (888) 739-2749. We generate a unique MoneyGram card for you immediately. It can either be mailed to your house, or emailed to you right away. You just need the information on the card, not the physical card itself. Printing is helpful, but not necessary. You are then free to bring your MoneyGram card to any location near you to complete your payment.

  2. Ask your attorney. Attorneys are able to print MoneyGram cards for their clients. Upon receiving your card from your Attorney, you are able to bring it to any MoneyGram location near you to complete your payment.

Regardless of where the card is generated or how much the payment is worth, the set service fee for all MoneyGram payments is $8.99.


  • For $8.99, you get speed, convenience, safety, and TFS services including live customer support and records of your payment history.
  • This is the fastest way to ensure your payment gets to your designated Trustee. As soon as you make your payment at a MoneyGram location, it can be verified by your attorney or trustee. This is the fastest method for Chapter 13 payments.
  • This is the only option for ePay that is available to individuals without bank account information. You do not need to have a bank account to generate a MoneyGram card.

How to use your MoneyGram Card:

Bring your MoneyGram card and payment (plus a flat-rate $8.99 MoneyGram service fee) to any MoneyGram location. As soon as the transaction occurs, the money is considered to be cleared; your Trustee can immediately treat the payment as theirs’, no waiting for mail.