What is TFS Bill Pay?

TFS Bill Pay is the online & automated payment solution for Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments. The TFS system allows individuals to pay their monthly bankruptcy payments easily and securely from the comfort of their own home. You can learn more about all the features of TFS here.

How does TFS work?

When you sign up for TFS bankruptcy payments, your bank account is linked to the particular Chapter 13 Trustee to which you need to make payments. TFS will then schedule to pull payments from your account using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, the standard way banks transfer funds from one account to another. All you need to do is give us your case number, district, and payment information, and we’ll set up the rest.

Is TFS safe and secure?

Yes, TFS goes to great lengths to make sure all your information remains safe and secure. We use state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL encryption to secure every transaction.

How much does TFS cost?

TFS costs less money than a money order or certified check, and takes less time than standing in line waiting to send a physical payment once a month. You can find a full breakdown of our pricing here.

Is TFS easy to use?

Yes! You can start automating your Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments within minutes with our easy to use system. Check out our tour to see just how easy it is to make payments using TFS.

Who can use TFS?

TFS is built for individuals in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Unfortunately, not all Chapter 13 trustees currently handle TFS payments. If you have a Trustee who doesn’t accept TFS payments, let them know the service is available!

How often can I make payments?

You can make automatic payments in full on a monthly schedule or partial payments on a weekly, bi-weekly (every other week), or twice monthly (two specific days a month) schedule. You may also initiate manual (non-automatic) payments to your trustee.

How long do payments take to process?

TFS payments take five business days from when they are initiated to clear our system and arrive at the trustee’s office. Remember, weekends and bank holidays are not considered business days, so please plan accordingly.